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so this is late, but a bit ago when a couple coworkers were talking about it being national pizza day i really truly thought they had said national impeachment day. i know where my mind is. just sayin'

terms of art

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lewisian complex
watched the 1948 laurence olivier hamlet (again?). nice that it won an oscar and i have to believe that pauline kael was right in saying that despite "the omissions, the mutilations, the mistakes" (which are plentiful) "the rest of the play (had) been done so well." i could believe that at the time it was "the most exciting and most alive production of hamlet ... on screen" but she was overly generous in continuing with "[that] you will ever see" and quite wrong to say "it's never dull". rosencrantz and guildenstern are worse than dead, they're inexistent. hamlet is deeply in love with his mother, and who can quite blame him since she's eleven years his junior. and ophelia has no talent for acting though fairly enough for over-acting. nor did laertes whom i suspect was given the role by a lover. felix aylmer as polonious was actually pretty good though, and since c. recommended becket (1964), it appears i'll be seeing him again soon. but even olivier's acting i found less than impressive, partly because of his interpretation choices, but even in terms of chops.
phil says six more weeks, but this winter is more often a shadow of winter than the source.
we may or may not see more of the snow seen below but this is definitely my season's emblem.

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one of those things

on saturday we rewatched the classic true lies (1994), which holds up really well (despite references to things like sally jesse raphael) [and i've been thinking recently about things which don't hold up well and how dismaying that can be] {for c. it was probably the first rewatch ever since 20+ years ago, for me far from the first but first in maybe eight years}.

then on sunday we watched {both of us for the first time ever} the oscar-winning classic children of a lesser god (1986), which was really quite excellent,and very relatable for us since we both have taken sign language classes (c. to a much higher level and with much greater proficiency).

so as it turned out both films were conducted and orchestrated by shirley walker, one among very few women [says wiki] who regularly composed scores for hollywood films and television projects at the time. what are the odds? [definitely not that high considering that the movies were randomly selected and her career spanned chiefly the mid-eighties to mid-nineties and was not especially voluminous].

and of course i only observed this connection because i am the type of person who actually watches (with whatever varying level of attention dependent on the day) the credits. [my entire life i have always (when time was not otherwise of the essence) stayed for the full credits at movie theatres as well]. and so whilst watching the credits for children, i thought momentarily that perhaps mrs. walker had also provided her services for the founder before deducing that it had been true lies (not knowing at the time that she had unfortunately passed away in 2006).
watched the founder today. unlike most years we really haven't seen much of the competition to compare it with but i can see a few reasons why it didn't make the oscar cut. but if you ask me the chief reason would be that it was missing a scene with daniel day-lewis shouting "i drink your milkshake! *slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp* i drink it up!"

from whence it came

finally received my copy of harold jenkins' arden shakespeare's hamlet in the post (ha!).
fittingly received it from england...

from an outfit called better world books which sells donated books to help fund libraries and literacy programs.
(i didn't fork over too many pounds for it so don't think i'm an overly charitable soul)

it is, as one of its prior owners attests, the familiar text
(it's in pretty great shape for a student-marked copy which cost so little)

term of art

spectacle independence

(fingers crossed for c. -- it's never guaranteed)


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