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behind mulholland

since this appears to be published fairly recently (at least on yt), i'll share it in case you might not have seen it:

lynch directing mulholland

what gets me about the footage is that i don't know that i've ever seen someone smoking cigarettes as copiously and continuously and conspicuously as lynch. and based on the photo gras shared and the photo i saw of lynch on the set with stanton during the filming of his guitar solo, it seems like only lynch's alter ego has actually ditched the coffin nails.

dreams of a one-armed man

the text from this entry from 2011:

i've been catching a lot more dreams lately (a lot more than next to none). this morning i woke up from a dream where i'd been at a tori amos concert, after which i somehow had backstage access, and met tori, and we were getting along smashingly and were bouncing along joyfully, hand in hand, to a tryst, when we ran into her husband, played, for some unknown reason, by seth rogen (as himself). seth punched me in the face, but we were able to convince him that nothing had been afoot, and i that i was thrilled to meet him, which had a tiny grain of truth to lend authenticity to my performance. then i noticed a man in a yellow button-down shirt who'd been standing nearby observing the entire encounter, and was stunned to realize it was kevin bacon. i rushed to make introductions and offered my hand for a handshake, and he demurred, indicating his right arm was missing. he began to explain how he'd lost his arm, but he was interrupted by an old man played by harry dean stanton (not as himself) who wanted to tell the story of how he'd lost two fingers in a kitchen accident. it was during his story that i awoke.


i watch me be this other thing and never know
if i'm marooned or where the purple people go


(2017 again)


and then last night for obvious reasons i dreamt myself on the set of a lynch project, acting in a story i knew almost nothing about with no one whom i recognized

[i had already planned to repost/link to this 2011 entry to go along with my musings about the return; now it's even more pertinent]
i don't find it talked about much but the man was truly an angel, even if at times he himself forgot this. after all, in his own words (about paris texas): "it wasn't odd to be in the lead, i took the same approach as i would to any other part. i play myself as totally as i possibly can. my own harry dean stanton act."

first thought: i agree with proximo in disagreeing with waggish, but i still need to read those comments.
i imagine i'm less disappointed in the finale than most, but still locked in an uncertain state. if there is no return to the return, it will grow, otherwise dwindle to the size of small golden orb. they need to manufacture another.
tuned in this afternoon to the boston red sox through the local nesn broadcast through my mlb package because i wanted to watch a little of my old tiger favorite fister pitching. haven't done so since he came up and thus missed his complete game one hitter -- good to know he still has it some days. ended up seeing a commercial i otherwise wouldn't have seen -- a terrific laugh i much appreciated:

on ytube

Aug. 10th, 2017

now it all makes sense! the guy who played the boss is kickpuncher! it's an homage!

the only thing beyond the reach of his arm was humanity. :( :( :(
i feel it's certainly very possible that lynch has never watched any of quentin's films.

and despite some other content appearing in parts of twin peaks or other lynch, i feel like the criminal scenes are being written by someone who doesn't really know how criminals are depicted, in fact i feel pretty sure the writers asked a first grader to describe what the criminal's lair would be like. "you get there and all the criminal guys are just hanging around in a big empty warehouse with a big empty garage and there's one really big tough bald guy and he's the boss. and he's really super good at arm wrestling. so all the criminal guys want to beat him but when they try they always lose, and when they lose, they gotta work for the boss, cuz that's the rules of the game. but if anybody ever beats him, they get to be the boss. so then when cooperganger comes in to find ray he's gotta arm wrestle the boss because ray works for the boss. and richard is there hanging out too because all the criminal guys in the country hang out at the same criminal guy lair. they just hang out all day watching giant televisions and having fun like in teenage mutant ninja turtles ii: the secret of the ooze. and cooperganger has magic super strength so he is so much stronger than the boss that he can just play around with him until he feels like winning. and then after cooperganger wins he punches the boss in the head and the boss's head explodes in a mess of blood and stuff. and so cooperganger's the new boss and all the criminal guys do whatever he says."

"so....the boss doesn't need to know anything about the ongoing criminal operations? like who the primary contacts are and what deals are in the works or have been set up for the future? he just gets to hang out and be bossy?"

in your spiritual life...
words that embody your presence are "submission".

words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "affair, alien, camera, coin, demand, dream, duke, globe, home, joke, key, king, lock".

words that embody things that may be a part of you are "blue, cup, film, food, gamble, line, mind, pact, pain, toe".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "adversary, ally, america, animal, anticipation, apocalypse, audio, cabaret, celebration, circle, consort, devotion, flesh, i ching, invention, jubilation, lens, lion, monster, moonlight, rapport, resistance, snake, surrender, synergy, tomb, trumpet, typhoon, universe, vortex".

i know i'm late to the party

but the ending of deadwood was so extremely unsatisfying.
not because the series wasn't renewed for a fourth season. because of the content of the final episode in particular and through retrospection the majority of the content of the entire third season and through retrospection large portions of the content of the series as a whole.
unsatisfying is putting it too mildly -- some people may have found the ending of lost unsatisfying. in some respects.
utterly unsatisfying. (begging your pardon.) insultingly, disturbingly, and destructively unsatisfying.
there was foreshadowing and outright promised plotting based on plotting depicted.
and no comeuppance. no delivery of the promised goods.
it's a simple bargain we the audience demand fulfilled: don't set up what you won't pay off.
if emulating shakespeare, how to have refused the dictum that everyone dies in the end?

and not merely the plot but the characters who wandered in and out of character throughout the third season (it was bad enough in the past but jumped off the cliff of no return when al capitulated to the figurative castration through the literal removal of an analog).
i should have known then but assumed that we were being given mere delay to cater to the reality that tv drags out storylines that movies complete in two hours through endless slogs in multiples of dozens.

for all of the fantastic things that it did including the ones not to be found elsewhere, the show had copious flaws, and being a creative endeavour that painted itself into corners due to having failed to account for the limitations inherent in its unrelenting adherence to historicity proved to be a fatal flaw. i will not cease to love portions of it but the whole i can have no affection for.


wabbit season
cleaning up so well

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