to my prior entry. having dug a little bit deeper (lj itself purports to show past email addresses associated with the account), it appears (and fits my recollection) that i did not associate an email address with the journal prior to 2007. so i never would have had all of the handy notification emails regarding comments i made or comments made by others, or dates upon which i befriended or was friended. one mystery solved.

do we not bleed?

what timing i have!

i logged into lj for the first time in a month on the exact day on which my password had been invalidated by the site maintainer. [if i'm picking nits, they did not give me the full five days they promised to change it on my own with no action of invalidation -- i received their notification email at 10:48 of the am on the 9th, and logged in before 8 of the am on the 14th.]

my password, like grashupfer's, had not changed a whit in the past 17 years (i say 17 years, but unfortunately my lj birthday is august 25th of 2003 so it hasn't quite been that full amount). 17 years! it's not a thing i can comprehend, in all seriousness. seventeen years of living in this other space, and nearly that of knowing most people here? no, not a thing i can comprehend. (i'll see you in 25 years. i remember saying that during that summer, but will i? i suppose no matter how it looks, i must.)

to be fair, when it comes to internet passwords i only have a single solitary one that has not been forced to change since the previous century. (the irony being that it is the root source of the verification and resetting of all passwords, the sacrosanct email account! whither the branches if the trunk feels the blade? [wither, the branches, if the trunk feels the blade?]) this ancient password does not belong to the email address associated with this account, has never been an email address associated with this account. i remind myself, by digging, that i created my email address for this account in october of 2007. as i sit here now, i cannot guess what original email address i might have used here between 2003 and 2007. the ancient account is the only one i currently have that dates back before 2004. i don't think it could have been one tied to an internet service provider i used before 2004 because i still have the yahoo account created for that purpose in 2004. my own past is shrouded in mystery.

and speaking of mysteries of the past (and more specifically those regarding this place): one mystery i have never solved: my initial two posts here were metaposts, completely absent of substantive content. the only persons i had on my friends list were people from michigan i knew irl. and yet someone from the east village in nyc commented on my 2nd post, in the guise of splinter, the mentor from the teenage mutant ninja turtles stories from whence i borrowed my alias. this person, without provocation, informed me that i had a ways to go yet in matters of learning. this person was not wrong, but how did they know? and how did they know to say it? how had they found me? i've since befriended persons here who were living in nyc around that time but none of them nor any stranger has confessed to playing the role. it does seem like the messenger must've been possessed of some mystic prescience. [in fact, as i look back at it today, there is some oddity with the timestamps such that it asserts that the comment was left almost 7 hours before my own entry -- which indicates a resident of american samoa, not ny. it couldn't be more bizarre.]

i suppose that as far along as i have certainly come i likely still have some ways to go.
blue legacy

journal in the plague year

we are here, and where we are every day (without fail, now, for hours and hours and hours), where you would usually find us

working from home, when many people i know cannot (still others can)

with no real inclination to comment on or have a mindset regarding our status

we are schrödinger's people, and until the shout of 'play ball!' reaches our ears (or doesn't)

we won't know joy in mudville
yukon cornelione

toa ntm

ntm: new to me, and i'm kind of surprised by that, but not necessarily remarkable in their own right

shoe bites

(evidence of the term as far back as 1875 and certainly not the oldest reference)