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two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / & sorry i could not travel both / & be one traveler,

long i stood

"i wasn't thinking about myself there, but about a friend who had gone off to war, a person who, whichever road he went, would be sorry he didn't go the other. he was hard on himself that way." --r.f.

the top left card represents the first possible outcome. 3 anfore (abundance): a time of merriment and reflection spent in the company of friends and loved ones. the conclusion of a matter in plenty and perfection. the strength of a diverse community being brought together. may suggest a celebration, festival, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or other joyous gathering.

the top right card represents the second possible outcome. cavaliere di anafore (knight of cups), when reversed: the dark essence of water behaving as fire, such as a flash flood: deceptive charm in the service of intense insecurity and rapidly shifting moods. selfishness, indolence, and a complete lack of maturity. misguided idealism divorced from practicality. destructive romantic passions and infidelity.

the middle left card represents the force drawing you towards the first possible outcome. nabuchodenasor (the tower of babel): completeness and intricacy of design. a great work. achievement, reward, and well-earned recognition. a time of success, prosperity, security and joy. may also indicate travel or a change in residence.

the middle right card represents the force drawing you towards the second possible outcome. 4 anfore (luxury): being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. apathy and disengagement from the world. dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities.

the bottom card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass. 8 spade (interference): chagrin at the unforeseen consequences of prior decisions. criticism, censure, and the imposition of external restrictions. confusion leading to powerlessness. inability to focus on the crux of a problem and free oneself from a difficult situation. being hamstrung by a past failure or humiliation.

the present is embodied in hexagram 20 - kuan (contemplation): he should be like the worshipper who has washed his hands, but not yet presented his offerings. there must be sincerity and an appearance of dignity, commanding reverent regard.

the third line, divided, shows one looking at the course of his own life, to advance or recede accordingly.

the future is embodied in hexagram 52 - ken (keeping still): when one is resting, and he loses all consciousness of self; when he walks in his courtyard, and does not see any of the persons in it, there will be no error.

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