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1/11/11 11:11:11

another one.

thank heaven, the night is well-nigh past! the moonbeams have no longer so silvery a gleam, nor contrast so strongly with the blackness of the shadows among which they fall. they are paler now; the shadows look gray, not black. the boisterous wind is hushed. what is the hour? ah! the watch has at last ceased to tick; for the Judge's forgetful fingers neglected to wind it up, as usual, at ten o'clock, being half an hour or so before his ordinary bedtime,--and it has run down, for the first time in five years. but the great world-clock of Time still keeps its beat. the dreary night--for, oh, how dreary seems its haunted waste, behind us!--gives place to a fresh, transparent, cloudless morn. blessed, blessed radiance! the daybeam--even what little of it finds its way into this always dusky parlor--seems part of the universal benediction, annulling evil, and rendering all goodness possible, and happiness attainable. will Judge pyncheon now rise up from his chair? will he go forth, and receive the early sunbeams on his brow? will he begin this new day,--which the universe has smiled upon, and blessed, and given to mankind,--will he begin it with better purposes than the many that have been spent amiss? or are all the deep-laid schemes of yesterday as stubborn in his heart, and as busy in his brain, as ever?

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