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white swan in a blizzard (notice the contrast)

the frequency used by the college rock station in east lansing, once one reaches grand rapids, is in use by the blue lake fine arts camp to broadcast blue lake public radio. so it was, as i drove home through miles upon miles of the blizzard's handiwork, i heard some of sibelius' swan-white followed by garrison keillor reading this fine poem, blizzard by bill holm:

after midnight the blizzard howls itself out,
the wind sleeps, a tired lover.
before bed, i think of you
and play the meistersinger quintet
over and over, singing
along on all the parts,
dancing though the house
like a polar bear who thinks
it has joined the ballet.
you are in my arms, dancing too;
whirling from room to room;
frost crusted on the window
begins to glow like lit up faces.
my five fingers, now on fire
like these five voices singing,
imagine touching the skin
over your shoulders

speaking of dancing polar bears and sibelius, donald tovey once described the final movement of sibelius' opus 47 (violin concerto in d minor) as a "polonaise for polar bears."

gk went on to say that it was this very day in 1847 that yerba buena, california was renamed san francisco. in discussing sf & its history he also noted that it's the second most densely populated city in the nation, with 815,000 people spread out over just about 47 square miles of peninsula.
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