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carol burnett's grace notes

carol co-wrote a semi-autobiographical play with her daughter carrie. carrie died of cancer in january 2002, before the play's debut in april 2002. upon arriving at her hotel room in chicago, where the play was starting rehearsals, carol was greeted by a bouquet of birds of paradise flowers, which were so much a favorite of carrie's that carrie had a large tattoo of one on her back. the flowers were sent by the play's director hal prince, but he had not specified what kind of flower to send, leaving that to the florist. at dinner following the first night's rehearsals, the maître d' presented her with his choice of champagne, pommery cuvée louise. louise was both carrie's middle name and the name of carol's mother, a character in the play. the play debuted on a night featuring a total downpour; carrie was mad for rainy days.
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