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counting blessings

+ free (with purchase) raspberry cheesecake cookie at subway (today only)
+ forty-one degree weather -- phil is infallible
+/- wind from nnw at 17mph gusting to 29mph

whilst driving i noticed ahead of me two cars with identical numerical portions of their license plate, side by side: *** 7457 & *** 7457. setting aside all of the plates which only have three numerals, i'd assume that the odds of that are one in ten thousand.

speaking of numbers, on a recent episode of how i met your mother, entitled "bad news" (which i recommend watching before reading the following if you plan to ever) they used a neat little trick playing with how we process background information (stolen from greenaway's drowning by numbers) -- a countdown of the numbers from 50 to 1 appeared in some shape or form in the background as the episode progressed to a big event (a surprise to the characters) at the end. i must confess i didn't catch on until the final ten. a few of the numbers in the 40s were much less subtle then most and had caught my eye, but not enough to recognize a deliberate pattern until those last ten in close succession. it was a nice aha moment then, solving a puzzle when you didn't even know one had been posed. i guess it goes to show how easy it is for a creator to tuck signs in the presumably irrelevant details. kinda disappointing that they chose to show a certificate from "the 46 society" when there really is a 47 society, but the placement of 47 was okay.

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