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what year, i don't know. i just saw bel biv devoe perform poison live on a talk show.

DETROIT -- a $1 million habitat renovation project aimed at bringing lions closer to detroit zoo patrons is under way.

the daily tribune of royal oak says the project begun last week at the suburban detroit facility will include laminated glass walls that will replace a dry moat barrier. the 3,500-square-foot habitat will nearly double in size.

warming rocks near the glass will provide a toasty lions' perch and give visitors a close-up view. trees, plantings and rocks in the visitor area will mirror the habitat.

the zoo has six lions: bikira, katie, and percival, and three others rescued from a kansas junkyard.

officials say the lions will have access to the yard during renovation but will not be on exhibit when their moat is filled and the glass panels are installed.

the third line, undivided, shows that, while there is no state of peace that is not liable to be disturbed, and no departure of evil men so that they shall not return, when one is firm and correct, as he realises the distresses that may arise, he will commit no error. there is no occasion for sadness at the certainty of such recurring changes, and in this mood the happiness of the present may be long enjoyed.

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