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speaking of spelunking

watching twin peaks has been rewarding enough in itself (i'm in the second storyline now), but oh, my! happily included in the gold box dvd set is the saturday night live sketch from kyle maclachlan's hosting turn which started off the season for snl & aired the night before tp's season 2 premiere. it's a full nine minutes long, and is (dare i say sublimely?) hilarious. it features the dearly departed farley & hartman, as well as nealon, jackson, hooks, hooks, myers, maclachlan himself, AND conan in one of his smattering of nonspeaking roles, as a sheriff's deputy. co-written by spade and schneider, it features coop saying:

last night i had a dream. in that dream i saw a hairless mouse with a pitchfork singing a song about caves. i surmise these are the same caves at the packard sawmill. harry, tonight you and i are going to do a little spelunking.

it wasn't until seeing mike myers' part that i noticed the connection between badalamenti's jazzy dance of the dreaming man, including said man's snapping, and myers' role in his woefully underappreciated (un love ed?) gem, so i married an axe murderer (another failure by ebert, here).

it's not on youtube (although a shoddy black&white version facsimile is), and while it is streaming at mclachlan's personal website, i found that to be unwatchably poorly streamed (your mileage may vary). nonetheless, it's worth seeing.

but i'm just screaming into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire.

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