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and also because everything is apropos of everything...
not long ago at all, a friend of mine posted an entry regarding a recent viral video pop song titled and dedicated to this very day, friday (no, not this holiday of ours), which has been declared by some to be the worst song ever. hyperbole, but not by much. she asked why people must be so negative, both in regard to this song, and in commenting on various things generally.

the thing is, such negativity, in the right form, is a necessary evil. just as we spend a lot of our time sharing the beautiful things we find in the world and spreading them, there's a war on. because there's money to be made shilling anything from the merely mediocre to the truly awful, so long as enough interest can be garnered, dark forces will attempt to pollute the sharing space with their wicked wares. and it's tough enough finding the best things amongst the merely mediocre without all of the worst being shoved into your space. just as one nurtures a growing flower, one also culls the weeds that threaten it and uglify the garden (which is not to say dandelions, which are, naturally, dandy). bad songs aren't just obnoxious, they take up space that now-unknown beautiful songs could occupy. and negative word of mouth works. just ask the hollywood studios. this is a good thing. a few brave souls suffer that many will not be afflicted by gigli. of course this can work the other way and a passel of ignorant naysayers can destroy the reputation of a thing of beauty. ("if it's not scottish, it's crap!") so we have to be careful when hiring our gardener. and then of course criticism has the problem that it's a double-edged spade; at the same time you are attempting to denigrate a work, you are promoting the work simply by spreading people's awareness of it (but under the assumption that even if they disbelieve you, they'll discover themselves how right you were). silence is the best criticism ("if you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all"), when possible.

in a better world than ours, in the long run negative responses to shoddy work would dissuade people from producing and spreading shoddy work. but in this human world of ours, even the undesirable things survive, and even thrive. weeds are notoriously hard to eliminate.

anyway, i hope that your curiosity doesn't lead you to disregard my advice to avoid this friday song. don't let me say i told you so. if you want to listen to a song about friday, you might try friday i'm in love. it's a beautiful song (even though it's not scottish), despite anything you may have heard to the contrary.

oh, and i've been told i have horrible taste in music. i do, but there's a catch. i also have great taste in music. and i try very hard not to promote the horrible music i enjoy, but rather only the great music i enjoy. but a few things slip through the cracks. you know weeds.

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