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so, no, i know, you don't much care about jimmy's little show, but one of my fav-o-rite of his recurring skits is that classic game show: spin! that! wheel! of! carpet! samples! beyond the absurdist humor i love the naming of the carpet samples (observe the colors and prints for completeness):

dapper frog
nougat illusion
sandy camel
velvet sunset
damp kilt
royal oyster
fuzzy walnuts
tender porpoise
strident lamb
grandma's wallpaper
caramel breeze
infinite seahorse
electric smurf
eternal prune
festive dandruff
mystery color (this week's mystery color is...beige)

and color me envious alligator, because i am jealous of those who get to compete, and even win a carpet sample. but also glad when the winner is a blogger who blogs the whole behind the scenes of his visit to jimmy's show, selection as a contestant, and more. like dan bergstein, whose acquisition of infinite seahorse carried the day. and unlike everyone else dan and his girlfriend have told, i am impressed that infinite seahorse is the color of the carpeting on the floor of the theater where jimmy's show is filmed.

if i ever make it back to new york, i'll have to attempt to be a contestant on wheel. i can definitely follow all of dan's advice for success.

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