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speaking of encountering resistance whilst trying to like and minority tastes

(because everything is apropos of everything)

roger ebert (my kindred critic), august 17, 1990, from his review of wild at heart:

there is something inside of me that resists the films of david lynch. i am aware of it, i admit to it, but i cannot think my way around it. i sit and watch his films and am aware of his energy, his visual flair, his flashes of wit. but as the movie rolls along, something grows inside of me - an indignation, an unwillingness, a resistance.

and from his october 2, 1986 review of blue velvet:

all right. i have reacted to "blue velvet," too. as an experienced and clever film critic, i even know how to write fashionable praise about the film -- how to interpret the director's message, how to show i am bright enough to understand his subtleties. i can even rationalize his extremes and explain how only philistines will dislike the work.

i know how to write that kind of review, but damn it all, i would be reviewing the movie's style and ignoring its lost soul. maybe some critics have seen so many movies they have forgotten how ordinary people look at them. for most people, movies aren't about style, they're about the characters in them, and what happens to those characters, and what it means.

both reviews are well worth reading, especially the review of blue velvet, and do a wonderful job (which is why i try to leave it to the experts) of illuminating much of what i dislike about the movies, and in large part, lynch. and we are, as he admits, in the minority in our taste, and that's why i'm so glad our minority has such a capable representative.

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