cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

pop-up music (i've seen enough of wednesday to know i have regrets)

speaking of songs about days, and since it's wednesday, this is my wednesday song, along with a neat little piece of art:

songs about days are great when great.
"days go by", a mix:

monday, monday - the mamas & the papas
manic monday - relient k (as originated by the bangles)
stormy monday - albert king & stevie ray vaughn
blue monday - new order
tuesday morning - the pogues
tuesday afternoon - the moody blues (live)
everything's tuesday - chairmen of the board
barely out of tuesday - kid lightning (as originated by counting crows, live in his backyard)
wednesday morning, 3 a.m. - paul simon & art garfunkel
wednesday - tori amos (as above, but live)
wednesday - fischerspooner
wednesday evening blues - john lee hooker
thursday - jim croce
thursday - morphine
thursday - the futureheads
on thursday - fisk industries
friday i'm in love - the cures (this video is beautiful chaos)
saturday sun - nick drake
it's saturday - king missile
s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night - ned's atomic dustbin (as originated by bay city rollers)
10:15 saturday night - the cure (john peel session)
another saturday night - sam cooke
saturday night - the thrills
sunday morning - velvet underground
wasted early sunday morning - sneaker pimps
palm sunday tornado hits crystal lake - sufjan stevens
every day is like sunday - 10,000 maniacs (as originated by morrissey)
days go by - dirty vegas (acoustic)
open your eyes - margot & the nuclear so & so's
Tags: mixes, thanks bythos!

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