cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

i'm positive that i'm not blind (life&art imitate art&life)

"well, destiny, fate. jung called it synchronicity. the interconnectedness of apparently unrelated events. i mean, don’t you think it’s curious we meet a woman who is unable to die at the exact moment my consciousness seemingly returns from the grave? now as a scientist, i like to believe that nothing just happens, that every event has some meaning. some sort of message. you just have to be able to listen closely enough to hear it."

completely disappointed in the lack of usefulness in these coincidences.
like my friends want me to see sucker punch with them while it's still in imax, and then bythos shuffles to the song suckerpunch by the refreshments. and i share an essay i once wrote on good intentions paving the way to hell and then bythos shuffles to the song good intentions by toad the wet sprocket.

like any message, they're subject to misinterpretation.
i know from experience.

i feel bad that so many people think "what's the worst that could happen?" is a rhetorical question.

the one area where i disagreed with chilton was vagueness, ambiguity.
you're so vain makes great use of it, for example.

"& i'm the only one who knows / that disneyland's about to close"

"tell me would it kill you? would it really spoil everything? if you didn't blame yourself...if you know what i mean?"

and i sure am tired of standing on the sidelines with my hands tied, watching the show.

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