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the super-ego and the id

we're so lucky that we got out of there. i mean, what were you thinking?

okay, we didn't get in, but oh, that was so exciting! ah, i'm so pumped full of adrenaline that i feel like i could, like, throw a car or something.

i can't believe you told them i was the chancellor of the exchequer. what even is that? i--

see, the universe sensed your hesitation. that's why we didn't pull it off. you gotta be--you gotta be committed, like i am. i mean, this dress was five hundred dollars.

wow. just--just excuse me for second.

hey what's goin' on with you?

look, the student loans i get. and the travel. it's just these unpaid parking tickets and the five hundred dollar dresses is irresponsible. you're digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole and how are you gonna get out?

hey, c'mon! i haven't had my big break yet. it takes years and years for an artist's work to become popular. i mean what am i supposed to do in the meantime? just stop livin'?

what if your break doesn't come?

what if it does? c'mon. if you always make the safe choices, nothing exciting is ever going to happen to you.

i just think that you have to consider reality. okay, i don't wanna be the one to tell the dreamer to stop dreaming, but, uh, maybe it's time to stop dreaming.

okay, look. i-i am who i am, and you are who you are, and maybe we can't find common ground on this one.

wow. did this conversation just get really serious all of a sudden?

oh, you mean more serious than you telling me the way i live my life sucks? look, i-i'd like to say i'm gonna change, but the truth is i probably won't. i'm always gonna use the pennies in my pocket to, you know, make a wish on a well, not feed the meter.

you know that you can't put pennies into a meter, right? also at some point we should discuss the merits of throwing your money into a well.

you know, i borrowed this dress for you, you jerk.

after the ego

look, i did some thinking about what i said back there. not my best work. i love that you're passionate and that you live in the moment, and i think that you're a great photographer, i just worry that the rest of the world's not going to appreciate you the way that i do.

yeah, okay, that was pretty good.

professional magazine writer. but, you're the best thing that ever happened to me and you make my life wonderful and nervous and interesting and without you i'm just a dumbass with big glasses.

you're not a dumbass. i mean, you're right, i don't do well with money, but that doesn't mean i want to give up my dreams.

i don't want you to. i want you to be exactly who you are.

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