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hypnerotomachia poliphiliphilia

the palace great is builded rich and round,
and in the centre of the inmost hold
there lies a garden sweet, on fertile ground,
fairer than that where grew the trees of gold:
the cunning sprites had buildings reared around
with doors and entries false a thousandfold,
a labyrinth they made that fortress brave,
like daedal's prison, or porsenna's grave.

"their den, as the royal fair called it, being securely closed and guarded by their sable attendants, she was under the necessity of contenting herself with seeing, and laying aside for the present the still more exquisite pleasure of being seen.

it was then that, for the very first time in my life, i heard myself addressed in english--the speech of my secret choice, of my future, of long friendships, of the deepest affections, of hours of toil and hours of ease, and of solitary hours, too, of books read, of thoughts pursued, of remembered emotions--of my very dreams! and if (after being thus fashioned by it in that part of me which cannot decay) i dare not claim it aloud as my own, then, at any rate, the speech of my children. thus small events grow memorable by the passage of time. as to the quality of the address itself i cannot say it was very striking. too short for eloquence and devoid of all charm of tone, it consisted precisely of the three words 'look out there!' growled out huskily above my head.

it proceeded from a big fat fellow (he had an obtrusive, hairy double chin) in a blue woollen shirt and roomy breeches pulled up very high, even to the level of his breastbone, by a pair of braces quite exposed to public view. as where he stood there was no bulwark, but only a rail and stanchions, i was able to take in at a glance the whole of his voluminous person from his feet to the high crown of his soft black hat, which sat like an absurd flanged cone on his big head. the grotesque and massive aspect of that deck hand (i suppose he was that--very likely the lamp-trimmer) surprised me very much. my course of reading, of dreaming, and longing for the sea had not prepared me for a sea brother of that sort."

"oh! it was he whom we used to call the system," cried bixiou.

"say no harm of him, poor fellow," protested malaga. "d'estourny was a good sort."

"you don't say! well, i ce'tainly appreciate the honor you did me in stopping to take me on." his slight drawl was quite devoid of concern.

"but you had no right to flag the train. can't you understand anything?" groaned the conductor.

"you explain it again to me, sonny. i'm surely thick in the haid," soothed the intruder, and listened with bland good-humor to the official's flow of protest.

"well--well! disrupted the whole transcontinental traffic, didn't i? and me so innocent, too. now, this is how i figured it out. here's me in a hurry to get to tucson. here comes your train a-foggin'--also and likewise hittin' the high spots for tucson. seemed like we ought to travel in company, and i was some dubious she'd forget to stop unless i flagged her. i hope you will come and see it on your way back, though it is not as fine as it appears from a distance. it would be very pleasant after all these years to talk to an english gentleman again."

then we parted, i rather offended because he did not seem to include me in the description, he calling after us--

"stick close to the path through the patch of big trees, for the ground is rather swampy there and it's getting dark."


we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all persons are created equal, that they are endowed by their nature with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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