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our trials and tribulations / black holes and revelations

in your public life...

words that embody people or things in your periphery are “adversary, ally, america, animal, anticipation, apocalypse, arm, audio, biology, cabaret, celebration, circle, clone, consort, contract, creation, danger, deck, devotion, emerald, endurance, enigma, falsehood, father, freemasonry, flesh, garden, glass, green, harmony, healer, helix, i ching, indigo, indulgence, invention, jaguar, jubilation, judgment, juxtaposition, kiss, laugh, lens, library, life, lion, loop, lord, matrix, mentor, monster, moonlight, muse, night, pattern, pledge, poem, puppet, rapport, resistance, rune, science, script, silver, snake, speed, spin, storm, submission, surrender, synergy, teeth, tequila, terror, thirst, tomb, trumpet, typhoon, unicorn, universe, uranus, violence, vortex, whale”.

the card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. four of cups (mixed happiness), when reversed: loss of balance. suppressed emotions.

palmday cxxiv
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