cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

bliss is like a flack jacket.

it's a protecting thing. if you have enough bliss, it's invincibility.

- david lynch

listening to david lynch read his book catching the big fish is just terrific. like hearing him describe his working relationship with angelo badalementi. i loved how, when he's describing the the inspiration for his animated painting, that he "saw" the leaves moving in a physical painting he was working on and "heard" the wind rustling them, he's quick to say "and i wasn't on drugs". and also that he's against drugs and falls on the side of my poll that they inhibit creativity, although qualifying his answer by saying not necessarily in the short term, but because of the havok they wreak on the body, as well as on the natural mental processes of creativity in the long run.

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