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grace notes of others

david lynch happened to be in rome shooting a commercial when federico fellini was transferred from a hospital in northern italy to one in rome. he'd never met fellini, but he was able to meet with him at the hospital and talk with him (mostly listening) for half an hour on friday, october 15th, 1993. on sunday the 17th, fellini fell into a coma from which he did not awake before his death on october 31st.

david lynch titled his 2006 film inland empire after the area in california. after having started filming, under this title, his brother randomly sent him a scrapbook he'd dug up that david had made has a child living in spokane, washington. an aerial photo of spokane was in the book, with the handwritten caption "inland empire". the inland empire designation is applicable to eastern washington & northern idaho, which includes the area where twin peaks ostensibly exists.
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