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the sun don't shine forever / but as long as it's here then we might as well shine together

earlier today one of the little blurbs they put on wiki's main page with a tidbit from various recently created and/or extensively expanded articles, which blurbs i learn now are changed every 6 hours, caught my eye, regarding cézanne's skull paintings, headlined by pyramid of skulls, and i recalled that the day before i'd come across a small notebook i'd taken with me on a visit to the detroit institute of arts in 2006, with scattered notes on my favorite works, and while i'd only skimmed it at the time, that a cézanne skull painting had been among those notes. the notebook, and later the dia website, confirmed that that wiki article needed fixing -- it listed still life, three skulls as being in cleveland, rather than detroit. and since we can't beat them in baseball lately, we needed that victory.
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