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it literally feels like a lifetime ago

but i still remember the fifth of november, like it was just yesterday, though.

uncanny! (mere understatement)

beginning twenty-four seconds in to the official (explicit) video for dr. dre's most recent single, i need a doctor, which i've been hearing on the radio with understandable but still noteworthy regularity, and which i'm really feeling for its theme of resurrection and eminem's lyrics (can't make a decision / you keep questioning yourself / second guessing), is footage of a tiny waterfall, mcway falls, tucked away in julia pfeiffer burns state park in big sur, california, ostensibly shot on february 18th, 2001, footage in which dre sits contemplating his life before driving along the pacific coast highway in big sur.

i spent much of november 2010 in big sur, and sat at the very same spot, looking upon mcway falls, on the fifth of november, contemplating my life, before driving and driving that pacific coast highway in big sur. and it was just a short ways down a path from where i took this photo (as well as this and this), that i was inspired to read aloud jack kerouac's poem sea and record myself doing so, which i've previously posted to youtube. i just today uploaded a two minute clip i took from that spot overlooking mcway falls; it's embedded below dre's video.

uncanny! (mere understatement)


i'm alive again
more alive than i have been
in my whole entire life
throw dirt on me
and grow a wildflower
Tags: big sur, california, can you feel the beat down in your soul?, dr dre, eerie, eminem, grace notes, i don't make this up, i wasn't jumping, jack kerouac, lips different, moments of extreme surrealism, pacific, radio jonesy, rebel diamonds, sublimity, synchronicity, this is just progress., true story, video, wish you were here

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