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i've been rewatching the first three pirates films, for the first time since the third's theatrical release four years ago (almost to the day), and some of the extras from the second and third (for the first time) in anticipation of friday night's fourth foray into that world, and among the many things to love about the films is the location shooting, actually being transported to these distant seas, and, as i learn from the extras, the cannibal island scenes were filmed in dominica in the lesser antilles (not to be confused with the dominican republic), which is home to the second tallest mountain in the lesser antilles, a volcanic mountain no less, by name of morne diablotins, which happens to be 1447 meters tall, which is the equivalent of 4747 feet. no kidding. it's only fifteen miles north of the capital, roseau (hometown of jean rhys), and has not erupted in recorded history (having last done so c. 30,000 years back). i should like to visit its summit.

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