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not enrapturing

a disappointing choice for the dies penultima.

the new pirates movie was frustratingly mediocre and unworthy of the franchise. not surprising as a disney property, but i'm a little bit surprised by johnny's participation, despite the size of his paycheck. the critics are in agreement on its poor quality, that's it not fun and there's no wow factor.

so to make up for it, saturday i went to a theatrical showing of a great pirate movie, goonies, which like many movies of that era i'd never seen theatrically. it actually had a decent turnout (30ish), especially compared to the showing of scream 4 i saw last week. the latter was also a disappointing retread that lacked wow and broke no new ground. which is doubly disappointing since it was filmed here (among the local elements was a poster for the blind pig in a squared on one of the character's closet doors, out of place in a film set in california).

too many laurels are being rested upon.
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