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octagon house

"even in their heyday, octagon houses never lined city streets and neighborhood blocks. on the contrary, an eight-sided home seemed to be the choice of individualists, standing defiant among four-sided neighbors."

orson squire fowler, clearly a member of the dharma initiative.

i need a national register of historic places gps app for my ipod. there probably is one.
while in san francisco, i literally walked past the mcelroy octagon house aka colonial dames house, walking north up gough from geary to the bay, and beyond the brief glance of admiration i'm sure i must have given it, paid it no further thought. ah, the things that are right under one's nose all along.

and while i was in the neighbourhood of the only other octagon house in that city, the feusier octagon house on green street, the closest i came to it was driving past the intersection of jones and green, directly to the east, on jones.


and, what luck, the detroit public library has an 1854 edition of fowler's a home for all; or, the gravel wall and octagon mode of building.
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