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funny money

the other day i picked up a where's george bill, i don't know exactly where because i didn't notice the stamp until it was part of a collection of bills i emptied out of my pocket. it was first registered on october 17 of last year in daingerfield texas, which has a reported population (in 2000) of 2,517 human beings (i don't have any data for horses, but i'm guessing one). daingerfield is about 36 miles west of atlanta, texas, and only a little further away from texarkana on the border. this is only the 4th where's george bill i've run across in the last fourteen months, which is due in no small part to the fact that i rarely use cash anywhere anymore. which is something i always preface my comments about quarters with. today in change i got an idaho quarter for the first time. i think it's the last of the fifty states + quarters that i'd never received, but i haven't kept track. then i also got yet another hawaii quarter. i really need to get to hawaii.

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