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just now i (inexplicably) successfully lured a wasp that had appeared ab nihilo in my bathroom to my balcony door, which i'd opened whilst it busied itself inspecting a light fixture to see if it might want to move in (it preferred a walkup), and hastily slammed the door behind it. i'd narrowed its path by closing doors, but it seemed unusually cooperative as it followed me down the hall, flying low to the ground, and as i (knowingly pointlessly) called to it as i would a stray cat, it dogged my footsteps, and after a quick spin around the corner, flew directly into the great wide, as if the directing wave of my left hand (not at the wasp to push, just in the direction of the balcony) had shown it the way. the swatter in my right hand was satisfyingly unnecessary. i was inordinately gladdened, like a young jedi in a well-received car commercial.

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