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stumbled upon

extraordinary creature! so close a friend, and yet so remote.


if only
your necessary silhouette
joined the dissi-dissi-dissidents

got carried away
now hiding from their lies and discords
once remembered now forgotten

come roll the dice for me
roll the dice for me

hold on
better undone
if really on your own
thinkin' this is fun

feathers fallen from drapes
fold her into pieces
tie her up in lace

fences in a row
fences in a row
wired and protected
in a row

got carried away
thought i would've let you know
oh, no
did you miss a messa-message?

i know you still
would rather mess with me than get going
she's been building up a castle in calais

roll the dice for me


(there are 4 versions of fences among the 15,000+ playlist & bythos just shuffled to two of them with just two songs betwixt)
Tags: stumbled upon, thanks bythos!

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