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not every coincidence is happy

nearly worthy of the opening of magnolia.

on tuesday, july 6, 2010, at rangers ballpark in arlington, texas, a firefighter named tyler morris, while attempting to catch a foul ball, fell over a railing and fell 30 feet to the ground, fracturing his skull. he survived and has recovered from his injury.

one year and one day passed.

on thursday, july 7, 2011, at rangers ballpark in arlington, texas, a firefighter named shannon stone, while attempting to catch a foul ball which outfielder josh hamilton, after having fielded it, had tossed into the stands, fell over a railing and fell 20 feet to the ground, landing on his head. he died from his injuries en route to the hospital.

in the words spoken by ricky jay:

it is in the humble opinion of this narrator that this is not just 'something that happened'. this cannot be 'one of those things'. this, please, cannot be that. and for what i would like to say, i can't. this was not just a matter of Chance. no... these strange things happen all the time.

and imagine being josh hamilton...knowing that had you thrown the ball a few inches higher, the man wouldn't have leaned out, reached out, fallen.
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