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stoppard and me

1966: rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead
(read, 2010 & 2011, stoppard's hamlet)

1968: the real inspector hound
(read, 2011, a lark)

1969: albert's bridge
(read, 2011, provides a nice perspective)

1970: after magritte
(read, 2011, a trifle)

1972: artist descending a staircase
(read, 2011, a work of art)

1974: travesties
(seen, college, a student production, better than i was able to appreciate at the time, probably more influential than i've realized)

1976: dirty linen and new-found-land
(read, 2011, crass & dull)

1979: dogg's hamlet, cahoot's macbeth (two plays written to be performed together)
(read, 2011, an experiment which fizzled; you can't abridge shakespeare either)

1981: on the razzle
(seen, college, a student production, a model farce)

1985: brazil
(seen, 1992?, on anyone's list of the top films of all time, except, well, ebert's)

1989: indiana jones and the last crusade
(seen, 1989, it earned $474,171,806 at the worldwide box office according to wiki)

1993: arcadia
(read & listened to a radio prodution, 2011, of all of these, the most that's more a play about characters than ideas, although of course it's about ideas)

1998: shakespeare in love
(seen, 1998, bloom found it charming)

1999: sleepy hollow
(seen, 1999, christopher walken as the headless horseman, need i say more?)

2005: star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith
(seen, 2005, the best of a bad bunch)
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