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a tired song keeps playing on a tired radio

it was counterintuitive to me, when it became possible to select your own playlists, wherever, whenever, you go, to listen to the radio. why surrender choice? shouldn't i know what i'd like to listen to? and to a degree, yes, the radio's a crap shoot. but aside from the exposure to new music it offers, it's great for selecting songs i'd like to hear which are for whatever various reasons outside my playlists, and of course, like any random or quasi-random force in the universe great for bringing happy coincidences, such as hearing tonight in close proximity two songs which resonate for me because they were each covered by two separate bands (one all covers and one mostly originals) i hung around very close in time, the first composed of mostly friends of mine, and the second composed of friends of friends. the songs being lightning crashes by live and i wanna be sedated by the it goes without saying. the effect of which was to bring back a flood of memories of that era, in which i learned anyone can play guitar. it makes me sad that essentially no trace of the latter band's originals [likely] exist except in the memories of myself and a couple dozen scattered people (a google for the band name doesn't provide a sliver, and i doubt they ever laid down tracks), because even though they were derivative, they were terrific. but i won't tell no one their names.

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