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words words words

in your public life...
words that embody your presence are "constellation".

words that embody things that may be a part of you are "bikini, breath, blues, chess, dragon, engine, escapade, fame, fanatic, finger, fist, gem, island, joker, lace, love, rook, oracle, pawn, peacock, petal, scandal, scream, sea, shackle, slave, sun, tiger, trek, voice".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "abundance, allure, appetite, armor, atlantis, aurora, ballet, bastard, beast, beauty, bitter, black, bliss, book, breast, cage, center, chance, chariot, charm, cocktail, cold, comedy, comet, community, conversation, craving, cross, cyan, dazzle, debauchery, debutante, defiance, delight, devil, door, drum, earth, ebony, ecstasy, elegance, energy, fame, fertility, fever, finance, flood, foot, friend, freemason, funk, gasp, gem, ghost, giraffe, grace, guarantee, heart, heat, heroin, horse, husband, immunity, infinity, ingenuity, iron, jungle, judge, jury, kaleidoscope, knight, knowledge, leap, leather, light, linguistics, lips, luck, magenta, mayhem, melody, messiah, mink, misadventure, mist, monolith, music, occult, omen, opium, past, pearl, pinnacle, pitch, platinum, playboy, poker, pope, pride, prince, profanity, pursuit, puzzle, rabbit, radio, rebellion, release, retribution, rhythm, riddle, rock, romance, rough, rum, sadism, sapphire, sculptor, sea, seer, ship, society, spark, spite, staff, stage, state, steel, strategy, tantra, tarot, taste, time, trance, treason, ugliness, virility, voyeur, vassal, vixen, wealth, weapon, white, whore, wife, wolf, worm, yellow, zoo".

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "compliance, crimson, darkness, future, gangster, liberty, mirror, phoenix, prison, redemption, sentiment, spirit, tattoo, theory, vulture, warlord".

words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "cabal".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "anonymity, attention, dictionary, emissary, excitement, exhaustion, labyrinth, numerology, octopus, overlord, parliament, psychedelic, psychology, satisfaction, scorpion, sensuality, struggle, succubus, supply, suspense, syzygy, usurper".


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