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quiz time. glasses off.

in a recent paul krugman piece on the manufactured crisis, he states: "the problem with american politics right now is republican extremism, and if you’re not willing to say that, you’re helping make that problem worse." (rt @skygak)

last night i watched swing kids for the first time in years. the movie's a lot about compromises. and arvid (the under-appreciated frank whaley) says to peter (robert sean leonard), after having been kicked out of a nightclub for failing to compromise and play just one german song at the request of nazi officers (and then giving an impassioned anti-nazi speech): "it's not just one song. or that song. don't you see?! any time you go along with them, any time you try to help them, it just makes it easier."

are there parallels?

herr müller writes:

we must all take responsibility for what is happening to our country. if those of us who have a voice do not raise it in outrage at the treatment of our fellow human beings we will have collaborated in their doom. it is not good enough to raise these voices in our homes. many americans do this.

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