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yes, suppose that i never ever met you

the horror!

*eta: i attempted to upload regina spektor's performance of fidelity live on the tonight show in 2006 to youtube, but nbc took it down. c'est la guerre.

i finally happened upon this tape. no one else has it on youtube (afaict), so i uploaded it. i see no reason for nbc to have it taken down (there's a clip of justin bieber performing that's been up for over a year), but they aren't reasonable. i'm honestly surprised at the fidelity (go ahead and groan) of the source, impressions recorded in magnetic tape (fucking magnets!) sitting on a shelf or in a box for almost five years.

*eta: i have to laugh, sincerely laugh, that in literally a ten minute window, i posted this entry, coldhighmountain posted a link to an acoustic version of wonderwall (which joins this song in my top twenty-five songs i've heard in my entire life [honestly, how do you ever winnow to such a handful? you don't, but let's let the sentiment justify the statement]), and grashupfer posted his brief review of as she climbed across the table by jonathan lethem. love, love, love.

*eta: i forgot to mention that the fact that emma thompson was on the show that same night promoting stranger than fiction (a movie of some personal significance) was noteworthy. for me.


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Aug. 12th, 2011 01:36 am (UTC)
What was it? It's already gone.
Aug. 12th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
regina spektor's fidelity live on the tonight show. it should be back up now, i think, thanks for the heads up. it baffles me that the bieber clip should've stayed up if they've got a total exclusion policy. nbc's the worst with youtube though, you can find letterman clips pretty frequently.
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