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even if isn't as it should be, even if they make it hard,

where else would we go? who else would have us?

who am i to talk, not having ever watched the wire, despite numerous recommendations (outside and inside of lj) (my disinclination for cop/crime drama runs deep), but anyone, and especially those who already like david simon's work, should at least take a look at treme (my bias towards music notwithstanding). every episode feels like two hours rather than one, they are so packed full of moments, and not filler. i finished watching the second season today and the closing montage while louis armstrong sings wrap your troubles in dreams is perfect, but like the closing of a novel, is only so powerful because you've lived in all that came before it.

i would recommend alan sepinwall's tribute to the show on the heels of the second season finale, except that it contains major spoilers.

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