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i taped thursday night's tigers game against the indians and watched it today.
it was a game worth seeing.
it was a victory against the team with the best chance of stopping the tigers from getting a pennant for the first time since 1987 and the first win for the tigers in cleveland in fourteen tries.
but it was also jv's (justin verlander) 100th career win, every single one of them in a tigers uni.
and in a perfect grace note, it was sealed in the 9th with a save by jv (josé valverde, a dominican), his perfect 33rd save in 33 attempts this year breaking the tigers' team record for consecutive saves in one season set by guillermo "willie" hernández (a puerto rican) whose 32 saves in 1984 were bolstered by 9 game wins in a season in which he pitched 140 innings (valverde has only pitched 50 innings in this modern age of the relief pitcher), won a cy young award, and became one of only four relievers ever to win the most valuable player award. hernández had 147 career saves.

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