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rally cap

the short(ish) version: i like the idea of the rally cap as an extra gesture of support for one's team, because it adds to the sense that one is contributing to their success, even if only in the minutest way. there are so many situations in which one is a powerless observer hoping that the outcome is the one one wants. i want the tigers to win a pennant, and if all i can do to help that happen is wear my hat upside down, then i'm gonna do it. and then also because of when it's worn. when the chips are down, when things look bleak, it's a reminder (one i frequently need myself) to keep on fighting, give it your all, because rallies happen. anything is possible.

one knows the rally cap isn't infallible, that its mere use cannot guarantee one's team will rally and win the game. but it's nice to have the rallies actually happen once in a while, to reinforce one's gut-level confidence in them. and so i wanted my team to rally, to help shore up my faith in rallies, as absent as they've been from the rest of my life, just as the team's success is a surrogate for mine own absent. so it was especially demoralizing when the tigers lost wednesday night after rallying twice to tie the game.

i try to remember on such occasions to wear my frown upside down. i call it my rally yap.
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