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but god can be funny!

at a cocktail party while listening to a good god-themed joke.

one of the things that my attendance at garrison keillor's show the other day reminded me was that, the content of the lyrics notwithstanding, one of things i loved about a childhood spent with weekly visits to church services was the singing, as a group, of songs and hymns. different from being a select group like a choir, the whole community united in song. and being free to sing without being judged for (in my case) one's lack of singing talent. reminded at the show when garrison had us singing, once again, amazing grace, and then, too, at the ballpark, singing take me out to the ballgame and don't stop believing when they played a substantial portion of that. not everyone feels inspired to join in, but that's okay. it brings to mind a specific christmas music celebration we attended when i was young in which we sang in the round (aka catch or trick canon) christmas is coming, which was a delightful cacophony. i think the world could use more opportunities to join in song.

perhaps catch clubs might catch on if they were once again combined with drinking ( as the aldrich book of catches declares, "catch-singing is unthinkable without a supply of liquor to hand.").

how else will i ever assemble a group to join me in singing thomas flatman's an appeal to cats in the business of love?

ye cats that at midnight
spit love at each other,
who best feel the pangs
of a passionate lover,
i appeal to your scratches
and your tattered fur,
if the business of love
be no more than to purr.

old lady grimalkin
with her gooseberry eyes,
knew something when a kitten,
for why she is wise;
you find by experience,
the love-fit’s soon o’er,
puss! puss! lasts not long,
but turns to cat-whore!

men ride many miles,
cats tread many tiles,
both hazard their necks in the fray;
only cats, when they fall
from a house or a wall,
keep their feet, mount their tails, and away!

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