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on the meaningless coincidences front

this actually happened:

sportsguy bill simmons (a diehard redsox fan):

"ninety minutes before the red sox played in baltimore to determine whether (a) they would advance to the 2011 playoffs, (b) they would advance to a one-game playoff in tampa bay on thursday, or (c) they would finish the biggest september collapse in the history of professional baseball, i was paying for groceries in los angeles while wearing my trusty tim wakefield no. 49 t-shirt jersey. from behind me, i heard a raspy, older, female voice ask me, "you guys gonna win today?"

i turned around. the voice belonged to amy madigan, the actress who played kevin costner's wife in field of dreams.

"yes," i told her. "we are going to win today. but i don't know about tomorrow."

"who's pitching?" she asked.

"lester today. tomorrow, i don't know. might be kevin costner."

she thought this was funny. we spent 15 seconds making small talk, then i spent the next 30 minutes trying to determine whether it was a good omen. that's what you do when your baseball season is falling apart: you search for signs … any signs, anything that means anything. your whole life becomes a ouija board. ray kinsella's wife from the cornfield? had to be a good sign.

field of dreams was really about hope, higher beings, cosmic forces, unfinished business, believing past the point when you should believe. the red sox hit that point about two weeks ago."

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