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it's been quite some time since my last auto-post

david lynch happened to be in the act of beginning his work in the tidy studio.

'how are you, old rascal?' said the painter.

fougeres had the cross of the legion of honor, and elie magus bought his pictures at two and three hundred francs apiece, so he gave a large, loud roar, which was so fierce and dreadful that toto jumped away from him in alarm and tipped over the screen that stood in a corner.

"that is the minotaur's noise," whispered ariadne, closely grasping the hand of theseus, and pressing one of her own in their circumstances, that she was about to burst into a passion of tears, and i repented that i had induced her to descend. but her self-control was not yet exhausted. by an effort, painful to see, she recovered her composure. she took up her fork, and ate a few mouthfuls. then she looked at me with a ghastly smile. but she persuaded her sister to take something; and she took something on her own plate and raised her fork to her lips. but in a moment of calm. may suggest a celebration, festival, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or other joyous gathering.

the top right card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass. seven of wands (courage): courage and daring - possibly, the courage to retreat. using one's power for transformation.

already in the brief interval since the capitulation of the councillors a great change had been wrought in the appearance of the ruins. the spurting cascades of the ruptured sea water-mains had been captured and tamed, and huge temporary pipes ran overhead along a flimsy looking fabric of girders. the sky was magnificent, with the
moon, venus, and the comet forming such a splendid
combination, as will never be seen again, by the present
generation at least. as the light came creeping on,
and the comet's tail seemed to fade into nothingness,
a fog arose which was to mar our enjoyment of the
entrance into the harbor of rio de janeiro.

it was january 1, 1502, that a portuguese fleet first
entered this bay, called by the natives guanabara or
nictheroy, and to which, imagining it to be the worst song ever. hyperbole, but not by much. she asked why people must be so negative, both in regard to my earlier (accurate) prediction, that it was this very day in 1847 that yerba buena, california was renamed san francisco. in discussing sf & its history he also noted that it's the second most densely populated city in the nation, with 815,000 people spread out over just about 47 square miles of peninsula.

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