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so i ran across this logo:

this evening by chance, and google-fued up a source page which happened to be a blog entry from may 2008 about a day when three of the four detroit sports teams all won a big game on the same day (tigers completed a regular season sweep of the yankees in the bronx for the first time since 1956, the red wings completed a sweep of the 2nd round of their playoffs, and the pistons completed a great comeback and won the 1st round of their playoffs, all on the same day -- i remember that day, though i apparently didn't mention it here). this, of course, on a day when three of the four detroit sports teams all won a (big or not so big) game on the same day (for the redwings it was their final preseason game, the lions completed a great comeback and went to 4-0 for the first time since 1980, and the tigers won a playoff game in the bronx to even the series at 1-1). and there wasn't even supposed to be a tigers game today, if not for the rainout friday. a good day in the city of motors.

the statue is the spirit of detroit and is a few blocks away from my building which is behind the five piston towers of the renaissance center in the horizon silhouette. you might recognize some of the tall ones in the center, center-left, from my photos.

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