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escape from new york

with one win. i think we could've done better, but with two games in detroit coming up next (monday & tuesday), we might not have to go back to the bronx to finish it. knock.

i'm convinced the rainout on friday was the universe's way of telling bud selig that baseball ought not schedule playoff games in september, even the last day, (with a nod to nate silver & skygak for the reference), since the tigers & mfy, at least, got pushed into october.

the other side effect of the rainout (which strategically didn't favor us), is that now justin verlander is pitching at home in comerica park tomorrow (even if he'd have pitched twice in the series the 2nd game would've been in the bronx). and that means i, and the rest of the fans, get to see him pitch at home. (all those yankee kids with their pumped up kicks can't outrun his bullets.) trying to get tickets was a pain -- i was online when they went on sale (which was before we even knew if we'd have homefield advantage) and still couldn't get a pair of tickets. so i had to settle for a single ticket. it'll be the first playoff game i've attended in any sport.

also, i should've probably realized this sooner, but josé valverde's jersey number was 47 when he played for the diamondbacks & astros (and the only reason he couldn't keep it as a tiger is that it's reserved (though not yet retired) for the great ace jack morris). once upon a time his official site (it doesn't appear to have been updated since 2009) was he sure keeps you on the edge of your seat, but he gets the job done.

also, i didn't realize terry francona's jersey number was 47. the man won world series titles in '04 & '07.
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