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let's go tigers!

last night i was in the 41st row in the lower level; tonight i'll be in the 4th row in the second level, at nearly the same spot along the first base line. last night i had the misfortune of sitting next to two yankees fans (that they were wise enough not to sport yankees garb and not particularly vociferous, some consolation) -- i hope to avoid this tonight.

gladly, then, a highlight from last night's pregame was jeff daniels playing the guitar and singing his song "tiger fan blues" (the 2011 version), with a new section in which he rhymed and reeled off the names all the players on the team. and with the line "if you're a yankees fan, you know what you can do".

watching the recording of the game, i'm surprised by how well our chants of "m-v-p!" can be heard on the broadcast as jv was finishing innings out.

i like our guys. they just have an aura about them:

walking off with a win

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