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welcome 2 detroit

yes, i will be at tonight's game. (it's going on seven blocks away, how could i not?)
in fact, i was surprised to find tickets on the secondary market selling for a good deal less than face value (hindsight!) not in all sections, mind you, but i got a really good seat behind our bullpen.

during one of the home games versus the yankees mlb took a panoramic photo of the entire crowd & put it up at their website so fans can find themself and share the photo. i was able to pick myself out & it's quite a detailed zoom considering it's a photograph of 40,000+ people. but i had no idea it would be happening and i've got this rodin's thinker type thing going on that obscures my face. this time i'll know i'm on camera because they're doing it for every alcs game (during the first inning when the ballpark's sure to be full). so i'll ham it up.

it's gonna be a little warm for my sweatshirt with this indian summer, but it'll be cool by the late innings. and clear skies for the full hunter's moon and jupiter which has been shining so brightly all these nights (its opposition on the 28th will be the closest it gets to earth until 2022).

go tigers!

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