cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well


aretha franklin's rendition of the star-spangled banner was inspired and inspiring.

i almost needed my glove, all three tigers homers came my way: one landed a few rows up in section 146 (yes, i was in section 147, my favorite section), another in section 148 on the other side from me, and the other in our bullpen right in front of me.

i sat next to some great canadian tigers fans from windsor (yes, they really do say sore-ee and eh). the older generation have been coming over for games since the 1960s.

with the blimp flying overhead all night, i had a funny feeling i'd been transported to fringe's alternate earth.

and i left feeling like i'm on the right earth, whichever earth it is.
Tags: #blessyouboys, athletics, detroit, soul

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