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talking in code (auto)

this is an autopost, which, if you're unfamiliar, is an amalgam cobbled from public entries in one's journal using various methods including the linking of disparate half-sentences around a lynchpin of a repeated word or phrase. it's pretty certain not to be worth reading, i just like the quirks that arise from the random assembly. i post autoposts from time to time.

in the very finest weather. and his umbrella was in a case, and his watch was in a case, and his watch was in a case, and his watch was in a case, and his watch was in a little case; and his face seemed to be as much surprised as they were. the tin woodman, raising his axe, rushed toward the little man and cried out, "who are you?"

"i am oz, the great and terrible," said the little man meekly. "i have been making believe."

"making believe!" cried dorothy. "are you not a great wizard?"

"hush, my dear," he said. "don't speak so loud, or you will never make a good angler."

     or a good man, either, i am sure. for he who knows only how to enjoy, and not to ask again."

"why, you surely have some notion of my meaning."

"yes," i said, "but then what am i supposed to do in the meantime? just stop livin'?

what if your break doesn't come?

what if it does? c'mon. if you always make the safe choices, nothing exciting is ever going to happen to you.

i just think that you have to consider reality. okay, i don't wanna be the one to tell the story of a great struggle. a temporary retreat from stress to regather inner strength, reaffirm convictions, reorganize thoughts, and formulate a new plan. the need for vigilance in a moment of calm. may suggest a withdrawal from the material world to find spiritual guidance.

the card at the bottom of the 9th with a save by jv (josé valverde, a dominican), his perfect 33rd save in 33 attempts this year breaking the tigers' team record for consecutive saves in one season set by guillermo "willie" hernández (a puerto rican) whose 32 saves in 1984 were bolstered by 9 game wins in a season in which he pitched 140 innings (valverde has only pitched 50 innings in this modern age of the relief pitcher), won a cy young award, and became one of only a small contingent of public personages endowed with the trait, a list which includes alexander of macedon (the third incarnation). fascinating, but i would write poetry, most of it terrible. but sometimes it got published. a few things almost prompted me to make this academic, and, uh, get everybody over to fx to watch college football."

the announcer: "you gotta be good when it counts. and when it counts is from the beginning of august, on. ... they need to be able to rewind after saying "was that?" yep. sitting with jack nicholson and lou adler in their regular courtside seats was none other than lorne michaels.
the lakers have me worried though -- they're supposed to be between 11:45 & 00:45, though they still haven't said where. they're even talking about it on the tigers postgame, 1 in 21 trillion chance of being hit. i like my walk. i shall say -- "oh, i like it well enough -- "' (here came the favorite little toss of the head), '"only it was so dusty and hot, and the elephants did tease so!"'

'i think i'll go down the stream of life through such a world as this.

     i would not have you to suppose, gentle reader, that in discoursing of fisherman's luck i have in mind only those things which may be taken with a hook. it is a sunny 75, although with these storms on the radar maps fairly this neck of the woods they're always moving east, even if it's unlikely to accomplish anything, like peter?

and the film also confronted the question of human evil. how can anyone who has a receiving set from listening in on any conversation that sounds interesting."
    "like love talk," i suggested.
    "yes." he said, smiling. "lovers ought to learn a code if they intend using the radiophone to exchange 'sweet nothings.' "
    "don't they use a code of their own now?" i asked.
    "yes," he replied, "but it is one that is universally understood."
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