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speaking of luck (as i was)

a small part of the reason why it means so much:

"we walk the thin line between everyday existence and euphoria -- or, conversely, between dullness and disaster -- any given moment on any given day.

the fates can be compensatory or cruel, depending on the time, the weather, your luck, whatever. just ask anybody who met the love of their life by being in the wrong place at the right time or got hit by a bus by standing in the right place at the wrong time.

perhaps that's one of the many reasons (some of us --ed.) love baseball, a sport that illustrates the inches separating two extremes as well, or better, than any other.

and never better than in october."

the piece goes on to look at all the little pieces of good luck the tigers got thursday (the 13th!), which they hadn't been so much of the time. but what i especially liked was the play in the sixth inning when cabrera's hit toward third base "struck that bag with such force that it bolted up and over the head of (third baseman) beltre, who surely would have turned the double play otherwise." and leyland's postgame comment:

"i have that bag in my office right now," he said with a smile. "and that will be in my memorabilia room at some point in my life, i can promise you."
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