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at the end of the day

jv: "just, uh, you know, fate would have it, it didn't work out."

jk to jpm: "victor martínez very emotional in the tigers clubhouse tonight..."
jpm: "he was, john, and he was actually one of the last tigers out of the dugout ... i asked him what he was thinking about and he told me 'it's now the second time for me', referring to when he was with the indians and the red sox came back from a 3-1 deficit. so, victor martínez feeling this defeat very much."

mc: "it's tough right now to talk. it's tough right now to say something."

jim: "i just told them i've managed a team that won a world series and i don't think i've ever been prouder of a team than i am this team. and i mean that sincerely. they gave everything they had."

also, jim:

"one thing that really happened to us in this series is that all the games were really conducive to, where you were getting late, where you were using benoit, coke, valverde..."

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