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going to undue lengths to avoid surmountable obstacles

the first card, the significator, is placed in the center of the cross. this card represents the prime energy manifest in your life. forgiveness: a trial-and-error blend of creative solutions to a problem or complex issue. promoting forgiveness and healing, being compassionate toward those around you.

the second card, placed above the significator, represents air. it describes your spirit, process of thought, and the influence of reason. eternity: the intervention of transcendent forces in the everyday world. the transience of lesser concerns brings about the healing of old wounds and the achievement of great wisdom.

the third card, placed to the right of the significator, represents fire. it describes your motivations, creative energies, and the influence of passion. ten of poetry (prophecy), when reversed: being swept away by a feeling of spiritual intervention. profound existential awe. predetermination.

the fourth card, placed below the significator, represents water. it describes your emotions, meditations, and the influence of love. eight of music (discontent): "clouded with discontent & brooding in their minds terrible things". disappointment or dissatisfaction. troubled emotions below the surface. feeling at the mercy of circumstances. apprehensions about the unknown. feelings of missing out on something.

the fifth card, placed to the left of the significator represents earth. it describes your physical presence, position in life, and the influence of the material world. six of science (passage), when reversed: going to undue lengths to avoid surmountable obstacles. the illusion that new terrain bears nothing in common with the old. latent possibilities are occluded or confused. opportunities are overlooked.

the sixth card, placed on the bottom left of the triangle represents one of two opposing forces. moon, when reversed: encountering unconscious fears. possible self-deceptions and distortions of reality. keeping secrets.

the seventh card, placed on the bottom right of the triangle represents the force that opposes the bottom left card. these forces may be external, but they are frequently one's own inner archetypes in conflict. nine of poetry (powers), when reversed: intoxication with expressive and imaginative powers. being unreasonably secure in your ability to achieve anything you can imagine.

the eighth card, the reconciler, is placed below the cross in the third vertex of the triangle. this is the force that will resolve the conflict between the bottom left and bottom right cards. two of science (reflection), when reversed: hesitating before opportunity. dilemma. uncertain whether to stay put or go on. waiting for something to happen. denying your feelings

the ninth and final card, placed in the center bottom of the triangle, represents the final outcome unless you change course. woman of music, when reversed: obsession with the illusion of beauty, grace, and tranquility in your surroundings. false belief in your own talents and charm. being haunted by loneliness and dreams. inhibitions blocking your expression of ideas and feeling. over-sensitivity to criticism.
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