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the daily nightly

when bythos isn't gleefully giving me songs i can't repeat, he's giving me, successively, two songs (by different artists) which appear together on a compilation, in their original noncompilation form. beyond all likelihood.

i just have to have faith, with all of these other perfect coincidences, that all will be well with this, too.

song 14147:

darkened rolling figures move
through prisms of no color.
hand in hand,
they walk the night,
but never know each other.

passioned pastel neon lights
light up the jeweled trav'ler.
who, lost in scenes
of smoke-filled dreams,
finds questions, but no answers.

startled eyes that sometimes see
phantasmagoric splendor
pirouette down palsied paths
with pennies for the vendor.

salvation's yours
for just the time
it takes to pay the dancer.
and once again
such anxious men
find questions, but no answers.

the night has gone
and taken it's infractions,

while reddened eyes
hope there will be a next one.

sahara signs
look down upon
a world that glitters glibly.
and mountain sides
put arms around
the unsuspecting city.

second hands that minds have slowed
are moving even faster
toward bringing down
someone who's found
the questions, but no answers


there's no time for metaphors cried the little pill to me
he said, "life is a placebo masquerading as a simile."
well, i knew that pill was lying
too gregarious, too nice
but as he walked i had to sing this twice

lie still, little bottle
don't twist, it ain't twistin' time

[live, in my memory]
Tags: faith, thanks bythos!

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