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these things happen

i went to a subway restaurant today and ordered a chicken teriyaki. it was a bit after five, so i was the only customer at this location downtown where the daily exodus was already underway (this is a downtown where people work, but for the most part do not live). as you may know, the selection of ingredients is requested piecemeal as one's sandwich artist proceeds down the counter. so as my artist, ralph, was busy retrieving and slicing the bread and placing the meat thereon, i was asking myself, anticipatorily, which cheese to choose. "provolone," i thought, reminded that i never think to buy it for myself at the grocer. some number of seconds passed and my mind wandered to thoughts about work. "you said provolone?" ralph asked, startling me. i hadn't spoken since saying "wheat" a minute ago. "yeah," i nodded. a harmless lie.

while writing this entry, bythos gave me collective soul's where the river flows with its lyric:

i'll give you answers
to the questions you have yet to ask
Tags: i don't make this up, thanks bythos!, true story

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